b. 1995

Alicia Barton is an artist living and working in Albany, NY. She received her M.F.A. in Studio Art with concentration in Sculpture from the University at Albany in Albany, NY in 2022.

Through a repetitive and intuitive process, I create visceral, ambiguous sculptures. I am influenced by a gothic aesthetic, creating work which contrasts the alluring and attractive with the repulsive and grotesque. A haunting sensation of familiarity shrouding the sculptures challenges what is known or unknown, living or decaying. My process forces me to surrender myself to materiality—as bulbous forms and cavernous areas emerge, I react and respond through building, stuffing, carving, and dripping. Miniature works allow for a greater sense of play, as I embellish the works with found and owned objects referring to my teenage self. Underneath these imposing “monsters’” whimsical skins, an unnerving emotional weight is revealed which holds no absolutes. These forms serve as a mirror of my identity—exposing internalized anxieties and grief, then adorned by a candy-coated, luxurious shell. 

For all inquiries: brtaleex@gmail.com

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