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Tattoo Information

To request an appointment, please fill out the booking form, and I will contact you!
Please review the below information before filling out a form. 


To book an appointment, please fill out the tattoo request form. You will then be contacted by me at to confirm details, receive reference images, and collect a deposit to secure your date. The deposit is a small, non-refundable fee which comes off the final cost of your tattoo. Deposits are collected via venmo or square invoice.

My availability to tattoo is open on weekends, or 6pm or later on weekdays due to my current schedule/booth.

Terms & Conditions

Email is the best form of contact. DM is accepted, but sometimes may become lost in my inbox and response time is less consistent. To ensure you are answered on time, please email. Appointments are re-confirmed the day of. Please ensure you answer 2 hours prior to your scheduled time slot to keep your appointment. Tattooing is not my full time job so I need to keep my schedule as organized as possible. Thank you for understanding! 

Final designs are not shared beforehand. We can make any small edits or modifications at your appointment, but if a brand new design is necessary, we may need to reschedule to ensure I can create the best drawing possible for you. Because of this, please be sure to as detailed as possible when explaining your custom design and send plenty of reference images!

Since I am a first-year tattoo artist, I am still building up conformability in certain styles. I will notify you if your idea seems out of the realm of my current skillset and we can work together to create a design that works for us both, or I am happy to recommend another local artist. Creating a top quality tattoo for your is my main priority.

Touch ups are free. If you experience any fall out during the healing process please message me to arrange a touch up. This is completely normal.


Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior, or 10 minutes later to your scheduled appointment time. If you are running late, please let me know as soon as you can. Arrivals 15 minutes late or more may be subject to cancellation and forfeiting of your deposit, or rescheduling under certain circumstances.


Please ensure you have eaten a full meal, are hydrated (bring water!), and had a full rest. We have snacks available in shop if you need a pick me up. Take as many breaks as you need. Comfortable clothing is encouraged. Feel free to bring in any other comfort items you may need such as a blanket, small pillow, headphones, etc. 

There is parking available on site. Bloom Ink is located at 455 Broadway, Troy, on the opposite corner of Nighthawks. There is a large curb around the parking lot. To ensure you don't bottom out, make sure to pull in through the corner at the lowest point. Though unlikely, since the parking lot is shared, at times it may be full. You may have to street park if this is the case. Please ensure you arrive to give yourself enough time to find parking. 


Please feel free to contact me at ANY time during the healing process if you have any concerns via email or instagram. 

If using any form of second skin, you may keep the wrap on for up to 4 days. Remove in the shower under warm water for easiest removal. If you notice any redness, itchiness, puffiness, or raised corners, please remove the wrap immediately. Do not use second skin if you have overly sensitive skin or are allergic to adhesives. 

If you are wrapped with saran wrap, remove the wrap after a few hours or once you get home from your appointment. I highly recommended replacing with a new layer of fresh saran wrap to sleep for the first few nights, especially if you have pets, to ensure no pet hair, dander, or other contaminants touch the fresh tattoo. This can cause infection. 

Once either type of wrap is removed, wash your new tattoo with clean hands and anti-bacterial, unscented soap 2x per day (I recommend Dial). Keep your tattoo moisturized with a thin layer of fragrance free lotion after washing, or whenever it feels uncomfortable. Dab dry with a fresh paper towel. While healing, avoid direct sun exposure to the tattoo and pools/hot tubs.
AFTER healed, make sure to use spf on your tattoo to avoid ink fading from sun exposure.

Do not pick or scratch at your tattoo! This can cause ink fall out and damage your tattoo. Lightly tap/'slap' your tattoo to relieve itchiness if lotion does not suffice. This uncomfortable feeling will subside after a few days. 

If you have any questions that were not listed above, please feel free to reach out to me! Thank you for choosing me as your artist ♡

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